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Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning and Community-Based Research publishes

12/14/2012 —

The first issue of the Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning and Community-Based Research, a new, refereed, multi-disciplinary online undergraduate journal, has recently been published by the Penn State Berks Center for Service Learning and Community-Based Research.

The journal invites undergraduates to pursue their own intellectual projects and seeks contributions to the burgeoning academic conversation on service learning and community-based research. Submissions are open to undergraduate students in the United States and across the globe in all subject areas, and undergo a rigorous review and revision process. Dr. Laurie Grobman, Coordinator of the Center for Service Learning and Community-Based Research and Professor of English and Women’s Studies at Penn State Berks, is the journal’s founding editor.

The inaugural volume includes 32 essays and one poster by students from 27 colleges and universities and in a wide range of disciplines. Five students from three campuses of Penn State University served as peer reviewers. All authors revised their original submissions in close consultation with a faculty mentor. The journal’s faculty mentors come from institutions across the United States and internationally.

Categories of entry in the inaugural issue include reflective and analytical essays, research done in partnership with an organization and accompanying reflection, research articles, and an open category.

Essays range from an analysis of the economic impacts of buying from locally owned, independent businesses in Portland, Maine by Amar Patel, Bowdoin College, to Warren Wilson College’s Freesia Mckee, who interweaves her love of creative writing with her deep reflections on social justice issues revealed in her service learning experiences.

Stacy Beaty, through an introductory biology course at Northampton Community College, partnered with the non-profit organization, Cancer Support Community (CSC) of the Greater Lehigh Valley, to investigate the psychological effect that positive lifestyle changes may have on personal control and the factors enabling these changes.

In the arts, Benjamin Barron and Emi Nakamura, Princeton University, partnered with Modern Improvisational Music Appreciation (MIMA), a group that empowers communities by collectively writing an original song and recording a music video. The authors write about their pilot project extending MIMA’s mission, teaching individuals how to create, record, and edit digital music.

The journal is available online at http://www.bk.psu.edu/Academics/journal.htm.

The Center for Service Learning and Community-Based Research is a forum for sharing knowledge, expertise, and training among faculty who practice service learning and community-based research in their courses. Several projects have been completed and many others are currently underway in which students and faculty are partnering with nonprofit organizations.

For more information about the Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning and Community-Based Research or the Center for Service Learning and Community-Based Research, contact Grobman at 610-396-6141 or via e-mail at LEG8@psu.edu.

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