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Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) is a nationwide movement designed to ensure that students have frequent and significant opportunities to write, revise, and discuss their writing in their classes—from their freshman year to graduation, whatever their major course of study.

The basic philosophy behind WAC is that students will learn more and will leave the university as better thinkers and communicators if they write consistently and repeatedly throughout their college courses. 

The WAC movement has been around for about four decades, and it has thrived at colleges and universities across the country. A recent study suggests that more than half of the institutions of higher education in the U. S. offer a WAC program, with more developing every year. 

WAC is defined by its decentered pedagogy, moving away from the lecture mode of teaching to a model of active student engagement. As a result, many WAC programs—including the Berks WAC program—focus on providing resources, training, and support for faculty who wish to develop the quality and quantity of writing in the courses they teach.