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General Trip Information

Students will travel to a country at the end of the semester for a two-week period. They will visit classrooms of various educational levels and disciplines (e.g. Kindergarten education, elementary education, secondry education, science education etc.) and evaluate policy and instructional methods while building a deeper understanding of how education in the United States differs from ( and is similar to) that of the country of travel. The itinerary for the course will include visits to several schools across several cities in the country. To maximize learning with consideration to the social structure of the country, students will be housed in private homes to the fullest extent possible. Such accommodations are intended to enrich the experience in terms of cultural insight that can be gleaned through private conversations with families and to reduce costs.

The initial field experiences will allow Penn State participants to create a global network with fellow teachers, schools, professionals, international peers and families in the spirit of service as students seek to international classrooms.