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Procedures and Designation of Selection Pools

(Academic Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual, D-2.2): All entering baccalaureate degree candidates are assigned a selection pool semester, normally the spring of their sophomore year. Students entering the University in the spring semester are generally in the pool for the following spring. Under exceptional circumstances, the college dean may designate an alternative selection pool for a student. Advanced standing students (students who transfer to Penn State from other institutions with 18 or more credits) are assigned a selection pool by the dean at the time of their admission to the college. The student's pool designation is indicated on the ISIS ARUEA screen and in the eLion Academic Summary application.

Students who want a major that does not have administrative enrollment controls can request entrance to that major by (1) contacting the appropriate department or the appropriate academic advising center at University Park or another Penn State location before their pool semester or (2) by following the eLion entrance to major procedures during their pool semester. The request for entrance will be approved if the student meets the entrance requirements for the college and/or major.

Students who want a major with administrative enrollment controls must apply for the major through the eLion entrance to major process described below.

Entrance to Major Process on e-Lion

Students who are not in majors before the beginning of their pool semester will be included in the group of applicants for the entrance to major process. Their college or the Division of Undergraduate Studies (if they are enrolled in the division) will inform them about the entrance to major process.

Identifying Major Preferences
Identifying Campus Location
Confirming Major/Location Preferences
Approval Process
Credit Requirement for Change of Campus Location (At Least 43.1 Credits)
Student Action After Notification