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Dr. Randall Fegley

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raf8@psu.edu · 610-396-6092 · Gaige Building, Room 312
Associate Professor in History and Politics. Ph.D. in Politics. (University of Reading, UK). Teaching and research interests in Africa and Western Europe, human rights and mass trauma. His writings include Equatorial Guinea: An African Tragedy; Coming to Terms with the Muslim World; The Golden Spurs of Kortrijk and numerous reference works and articles. He is engaged in humanitarian work in east and northeast Africa.

Zohra Guissé

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zxg10@psu.edu · Gaige Building, Room 316
Instructor in Arabic and French

Dr. Thomas J. Lynn

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tjl7@psu.edu · 610-396-6298 · Franco Building, Room 117
Associate Professor of English. Ph.D. in English (University of Arkansas). Scholarly and teaching interests include literature of Africa and the Diaspora, postcolonial literature, ancient literature, and folklore. Tom began at Penn State Berks in 1999, and in addition to his teaching responsibilities, he is the Coordinator of the Associate Degree in Letters, Arts, and Sciences. Tom teaches each year one of the required Global Studies courses, English 403, "Literature and Culture."

Dr. Michelle Mart

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mam20@psu.edu · 610-396-6180 · Franco Building, Room 117
Associate Professor of History. Ph.D. in American History (New York University). Teaching interests in U.S. foreign policy, popular culture and film, and African-American history. Publications include “Tough Guys and American Cold War Policy: Images of Israel, 1948-1960,” in Diplomatic History and “Constructing a Universal Ideal: Antisemitism, American Jews, and the Founding of Israel,” in Modern Judaism. Research focuses on US foreign policy and culture, and US-Israeli relations.

Dr. Lauren Jade Martin

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LJM37@psu.edu - 610-396-6214 - Gaige Building, Room 304
Assistant Professor of Sociology. PhD. in Sociology (CUNY). Teaches courses in Sociology and Women's Studies, including the Sociology of the Family. Her work is interdisciplinary in nature, incorporating methods and perspectives from the sociology of reproduction, medical sociology, global studies, and public policy. Dr. Martin's research focuses on the social impact of reproductive technologies and assisted fertility serves. Her most recently published work analyzes how gendered discourses about egg freezing technologies both naturalize and condemn medical intervention for infertility that is "anticipated" as a future condition but has not yet been diagnosed.

Dr. Edwin Murillo

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eum12@psu.edu · 610-396-6449 · Gaige Building, Room 315
Assistant Professor of Spanish. Ph.D. in Romance Studies/Spanish (University of Miami). Teaching interests in literature and language at different course levels in both Spanish and English. Primarily a Latin Americanist, his research interests focus on Existentialism, Latin American Thought, Modernismo, Vanguardia Narratives and contemporary Latin American Cinema. Most of his work focuses on Latin American Existentialism and his writing aims to reconsider Latin America’s contribution and subordinated position in the Existentialism canon. Publications include works in Divergencias, Neophilologus and Hispanófila. His poetry has been anthologized by LACASA Publications in Líneas desde el golfo and has appeared most recently in the anniversary issue of The Acentos Review.

Dr. Randall Newnham

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ren2@psu.edu · 610-396-6177 · Gaige Building, Room 309
Professor of Political Science. Ph.D. in Political Science (UCLA). Teaching interests in international relations, comparative politics, and international political economy. His publications include the book, Deutsche Mark Diplomacy, about German-Russian relations, and articles in German Studies Review, International Politics, and International Studies Quarterly. His research focuses on the role of economics in international politics, especially in Central and Eastern Europe.

Dr. Cheryl L. Nicholas

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cln12@psu.edu · 610-396-6168 · Franco Building, Room 136
Assistant Professor of Communication Arts & Sciences and Global Studies. Ph.D. in Communication (University of Oklahoma) An ethnographer with research interests in language and social reality in the Malaysian context. Also postcolonial and queer theory. She teaches intercultural communication, message evaluation, research methods and communication theory.

Dr. Belén Rodríguez-Mourelo

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brm4@psu.edu · 610-396-6171 · Franco Building, Room 134
Associate Professor of Spanish and Coordinator of the Spanish Minor. Ph.D. in Philology (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). Publications and research interests include African-American literature, Afro-Hispanic verse, and Cuban writing in exile. Frequently travels to Cuba, Mexico and Spain for literary research. Currently HASS division head.

Dr. Kirk Shaffer

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krs14@psu.edu · 610-396-6258 · Gaige Building, Room 310
Associate Professor of Latin American Studies. Ph.D. in Latin American History (University of Kansas). Two-time award winning teacher with teaching interests in Latin American and Caribbean history, Latin American film, and Caribbean popular culture. Articles have appeared in Cuban Studies, Studies in Latin American Popular Culture, The Americas, and The History Teacher. Author of the book Anarchism and Counter-Cultural Politics in Early Twentieth Century Cuba. Research interests in Caribbean popular culture, Cuban history, and Latin American radicalism.

Dr. Rosario Torres

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rzt1@psu.edu · 610-396-6408 · Gaige Building, Room 314
Associate Professor of Spanish. Teaches all levels of Spanish. Her research focuses on contemporary Spanish (Spain) cultural studies and literature and is interested in unraveling the message that media send to their receptors and in determining the circulation of meanings between them. Her most recent publication is “Resistencia a la cosificación desde las representaciones heredadas. El caso documental La mujer, cosa de hombres." Revista Cuestiones de Género: de la Igualdad y la Diferencia (7). Universidad de León. 2012. 327-336.

Other Faculty Teaching Global Studies Courses:

Sandy Feinstein

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· 610-396-6093 · Franco Building, Room 129
Associate Professor of English

Mary Freymoyer

Instructor in Spanish

Yan Gu

yug10@psu.edu · 610-396-3022
Instructor in Chinese

Janelle Larson 

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jbl6@psu.edu · 610-396-6183 · Gaige Building, Room 210
Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics; Division Head of EBC

James Laurie

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jkl5@psu.edu · 610-396-6158 · Gaige Building, Room 330
Instructor in Business

Douglas Lea

dal22@psu.edu · 610-396-6390 x3023
Instructor in History

Anthony Lorenzo

awl10@psu.edu Instructor in History

Angélica Montoya

amm273@psu.edu 610-396-6332, Room F153
Instructor in Spanish

Lolita Paff 

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lap21@psu.edu · 610-396-6381 · Gaige Building, Room 329
Associate Professor of Business Economics; Program Coordinator, Business

JoAnne Pumariega

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jbp12@psu.edu · 610-396-6007 · Luerssen Building, Room 119
Instructor in Spanish