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Course Descriptions

Professional Writing Students

The course descriptions below are intended to provide a general overview of each course.  For information about how each course fits within your curricular plan, please visit the Degree Requirements page, or contact Dr. Laurie Grobman (leg8@psu.edu). 

ENGL 110 - Newswriting Practicum - Practice in writing and editing articles for the campus newspaper.

ENGL 211W - Introduction to Writing Studies - Students explore contemporary theories and issues about writing in order to understand writing as a skill and a complex object of study in various professional contexts. (required)

ENGL 212 - Introduction to Fiction Writing - Written exercises and short readings in the elements of fiction writing; the writing of at least one short story.

ENGL 213 - Introduction to Poetry Writing - Written exercises in the components and techniques of poetry writing in conjunction with selected readings.

ENGL 215 - Introduction to Article Writing - Written exercises in, and a study of, the principles of article writing; practice in the writing of specific articles.

ENGL 250 - Peer Tutoring in Writing - Introduction to skills and attitudes required for successful peer tutoring in writing.

CAS 214W - Speech Writing - Writing speeches for delivery in political, professional, and ceremonial contexts; emphasis on composition and language for persuasive purposes.

COMM 260W - News Writing and Reporting - News and news values; legal and ethical problems of reporting; writing and reporting news for the mass media.

COMM 320 - Introduction to Advertising - Advertising management in business, including communication theory; common industry practices; basics of copy, media, and budget decision; and environmental influences.

COMM 370 - Public Relations - Public understanding of organizations and institutions; identification and analysis of public; media relations; public relations practice.

ENGL 415 - Advanced Nonfiction - Advanced study of the principles of nonfiction; substantial practice in writing and submitting magazine articles for publication.

ENGL 416 - Science Writing - Prepares scientists and writers to gather, interpret, and present scientific information to the layman with clarity and accuracy.

ENGL 417 - The Editorial Process - The process of editing from typescript through final proof. (required)

ENGL 418 - Advanced Technical Writing - Preparing and editing professional papers for subject specialists and for others interested in careers as writers or editors.

ENGL 419 - Advanced Business Writing - Preparing and editing reports and presentations common to business, industry, and government.

Engl 420 - Writing for the Web - Analysis and composition of informative, persuasive, and "creative" Web texts, based on rhetorical principles; no prior Web writing experience required. Prerequisite: ENGL 015 or ENGL 030

ENGL 421 - Advanced Expository Writing-Develops skill in writing expository essays, with particular attention to style. Intended for liberal arts majors.

ENGL 471 - Rhetorical Traditions - Introduces major traditions of rhetorical inquiry and their relevance for English studies. (required)

ENGL 472 - Current Theories of Reading and Writing - Investigates models of textual production and reception current within English studies.

ENGL 473 - Rhetorical Approaches to Discourse - Practices the criticism of written texts from selected rhetorical perspectives.

ENGL 474 - Issues in Rhetoric and Composition - Examines selected topics in the field of rhetoric and composition.

ENGL 480 - Communication Design for Writers - This course explores visual design, non-verbal communication, and software packages used in professional settings to most effectively present written communications.

ENGL 491- Capstone in Professional Writing - This culminating course for Professional Writing majors concentrates on reflective analyses, design, and presentation of documents in the development of professional portfolios. (required)

ENGL 495 - Internship - This three credit internship requires at least ten hours per week at the designated site, plus completion of various academic projects. (required)