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Degree Overview

The associate degree in Agricultural Business at Penn State Berks prepares students for employment in the food technology and horticulture industries as assistant managers, supervisors, technical and sales representatives, or as entrepreneurs. In addition, the program is designed to allow students to advance into baccalaureate degree programs at Penn State Berks College, Penn State University Park campus, and other Penn State locations.

Penn State Berks has an active Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Club that sponsors activities and field trips including service projects at local parks and recreation areas; visits to food manufacturing plants, dairy farms, veterinary clinics, and botanical gardens; and social activities such as camping, hiking, white water rafting, and canoeing throughout the academic year.

At Berks, students can choose from two different options within the major, allowing them to prepare for a specific career.

These options of this degree program are only offered at Berks.

Food Technology Option
Prepares students for positions within the food industry in sales and marketing. The option will also enhance the skills of students and professionals in quality control, supervisory, and testing roles. The microbiology and food science laboratory at Berks campus and the collaborative relationship with food companies in the area supplement the teaching and research activities of the program.

Horticulture Option
Emphasizes the business of ornamental horticulture, which may lead to careers in ornamental plant production, landscape management, or garden center sales and services. Extensive landscape plantings and two fully operational greenhouses staffed by faculty supplement the teaching and research components of the program.