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Faculty and Areas of Expertise

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Art History

Samantha Kavky

Communication Arts & Sciences

E. Michele Ramsey

Cheryl Nicholas

Kesha Morant Williams


Carole Roberts

Educational Psychology

David Bender


Christian Weisser

Gary Kunkelman

Jayne Brown

Jeanne Marie Rose

Jennifer Dareneau

Kenneth Fifer

Laurie Grobman

Raymond Mazurek

Sandy Feinstein

Stephen Snyder

Terry Baker

Thomas Lynn

Victoria Redpath

Holly Ryan

Foreign Languages

Zohra Guisse


Randall Fegley

Michelle Mart

Latin American Studies

Kirk Shaffer

Belen Rodriguez-Mourelo

Edwin Murillo

Math Education

Jayne Leh

Lingqi Meng

Occupational Therapy

David Kresse


Weaver Santaniello

Political Science

Randall Fegley

Randall Newnham


Nathan Greenauer

Jennifer Hillman

Eric Lindsey

Brenda Russell

Science Education

Mahsa Kazempour

Social Sciences Education

Jessica Schocker


Lauren Martin


Belen Rodriguez-Mourelo

Rosario Torres

Edwin Murillo

Special Education

Jayne Leh

Student Teaching

Virgina Salava

Theatre Arts

James N. Brown

Women's Studies

Laurie Grobman

E. Michele Ramsey

Rosario Torres

Writing Center

Holly Ryan