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James McCarty

James McCarty, 2013
Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology
Penn State Berks

"The Applied Psychology Program at Penn State Berks has helped me to not only grow as an individual, but also as a professional within my field of study. The degree itself is broad, however the internships that I have obtained through the program have helped me to gain vital on-the-job experience and apply what I am learning in the classroom to the "real world" and really tailor my degree to what benefits my academic desires."
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The B.A. in Applied Psychology offered by Penn State Berks meets the needs of the majority of psychology students, providing them with a bachelor's degree with a major in Applied Psychology in the liberal arts tradition. The emphasis of this degree program will be on preparing students for direct employment in settings related to psychology. The program will also provide preparation for graduate study in psychology as well as other areas including business, human/social services, and law.

The B.A. in Applied Psychology is a unique program of study, featuring non-traditional learning and intensive internship experiences. Graduates of this program can be expected to gain employment in a variety of fields related to the social and behavioral sciences or business.

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For specific program-related questions, please e-mail Dr. Erin Johnson (eem139@psu.edu), program coordinator, or call 610-396-6143.

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