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College Committee on Academic Integrity

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The Chancellor shall appoint a Committee on Academic Integrity made up of faculty, students, and academic administrators with faculty being the majority.

This committee shall:

  1. Promote expectations for academic integrity consistent with the definition in this policy.
  2. Ensure fairness and consistency in processes and outcomes. To ensure University-wide consistency, the Berks College Academic Integrity Committee will work with the Office of Judicial Affairs and the Office of the Provost of the University to develop procedures for handling and sanctioning dishonesty infractions.
  3. Review and settle all contested cases in which academic sanctions are applied. If necessary, further disciplinary action will be taken by Judicial Affairs.
  4. Record all cases of academic dishonesty within the Berks College and report them to Judicial Affairs.

The Academic Integrity Committee for the Berks College shall consist of:

  1. Five faculty selected by the Chancellor from a list of nominees supplied by the Chair of the Berks Faculty Senate.
  2. Faculty alternates shall also be chosen so a faculty majority will be present for any hearing.
  3. Two students chosen by the College’s Student Government Association.
  4. A pool of student alternates should also be chosen so student representation may be present at any hearing.
  5. The College’s Associate Dean of Academic Affairs or representative.
  6. The Director of Student Affairs or representative.

The Academic Integrity Committee shall be responsible for timely publicizing to all faculty and students the responsibilities of each group to comply with Senate Policy 49-20.

Penn State University - Berks Campus
Academic Integrity Committee 2015-16

Paul Esqueda, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, ex officio
pue1@psu.edu - 610-396-6417

Teri Sabatelli, Director of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, ex officio
tcs5@psu.edu - 610-396-6066

Randall Fegley, Associate Professor of History (alternate)
raf8@psu.edu - 610-396-6092

Sudip Ghosh, Associate Professor of Business (alternate)
- 610-396-6346

James Karlinsey, Associate Professor of Chemistry
jmk48@psu.edu - 610-396-6182

Mahsa Kazempour, Associate Professor of Science Education
muk30@psu.edu - 610-396-6312

Jon Shanfelder, Student Representative, SGA

Cesar Martinez-Garza, Associate Professor of Mathematics
cxm58@psu.edu - 610-396-6438

Holly Ryan (Committee Chair), Assistant Professor of English
hlr14@psu.edu - 610-396-6333

Robert Zambanini, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science
raz3@psu.edu - 610-396-6178