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Global Studies Minor


The minor in Global Studies is intended to prepare students from all degree programs within the Berks College (with the exception of the major in Global Studies) to gain a global perspective, which would be useful in a variety of workplace and academic settings.  Prescribed courses provide the necessary background to help students understand and appreciate broad issues of international concern. A combination of more specific option courses will deepen students' experience of the world and enhance analytical and interpersonal skills. 18 credits are required for the Minor in Global Studies. All students taking this minor will be required to show a 12 credit-level proficiency in a foreign language.

Scheduling Recommendation by Semester Standing
  1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8
PRESCRIBED COURSES: (any 6 credits from these courses)    
CHIS 320W (Contemporary World History)  X  X   X  
PLSC 014 GS (International Relations)  X  X    
CAS 271 (Intercultural Communications)       X  
Select 12 credits from the following list, with at least 6 credit at the 400 level:  
CHIS 440 (Topics in European History)    X  X
ENGL 403 (Literature and Culture)     X  X  
FR 139 (France and the French-Speaking World)  X  X  
GER 100 (German Culture and Civilization)  X  X  
HIST 120 (Europe since 1848)    X  X   X
HIST 175 (History of Modern East Asia)     X  X  X
HIST 179 (Latin American History since 1820)   X   X  X  
HIST 181 (Introduction to the Middle East)   X   X  X  
HIST 192 (Modern African History)   X  X   X  
HIST 467 (Latin America and the United States)     X  X  X 
HIST 468 (Mexico and the Caribbean)     X  X  X
HSTRY 481 (American Diplomacy since 1914)    X  X  
PLSC 412 (International Political Economy)     X  X  
PLSC 413 (Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union)     X  X  X
PLSC 451 (Comparative Political Analysis)     X  X
PLSC 454 (Government and Politics of Africa)     X  X  X
POLSC 428 (International Law and Organizations)       X  X
SPAN 100 (Intermediate Grammar and Composition)   X  X    
SPAN 130 (Iberian Civilization)  X  X    
SPAN 131 or SPAN 131W (Ibero-American Civilization)  X   X    
SPAN 132 (Afro-Hispanic Civilization)  X  X    
SPAN 200 (Intensive Grammar and Composition)       X  X
SPAN 220 (Readings in Ibero-American Civilization      X   X
SPAN 253 (Introduction to Hispanic Literature)    X  X 
SPAN 300W (Advanced Grammar and Composition Through Reading)      X  X
SPAN 420 (Spanish for Business and International Trade)       X  X 
SPAN 476 (Masterpieces of Spanish-American Literature)      X  X 
RUS 100 (Russian Culture and Civilization)  X  X  
UKR 100 (Ukrainian Culture and Civilization)  X  X  
FOREIGN LANGUAGE (0-12 credits)
Proficiency in a single foreign language must be demonstrated by either examination or course work equivalent to completion of 12 credits of course work. See the ADMISSION section of the General Information in this Bulletin for the Placement Policy for Penn State Foreign Language Courses (under Opportunities for Credit by Acquisition).

Students interested in applying for this minor should print and complete the Entrance to Minor Form located at: form must be signed by your major adviser at Penn State Berks.

Information on the Global Studies major offered at Penn State Berks.

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