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Degree Overview

Graduates from the B.A. in Applied Psychology can expect to gain employment in a variety of fields related to the social and behavioral sciences or business. In addition, this degree provides preparation for graduate study in psychology as well as other areas including business, human/social services, and law.

Students can choose from three different tracks within the major, preparing students for a variety of careers:

  • Business/Human Resources/Training and Organizational Development Track - emphasizes skills and knowledge related to the business sector. Graduates would be qualified for entry-level careers in human resources, corporate training, management, and marketing.
  • Health/Wellness/Behavioral Medicine Track - emphasizes skills and knowledge promoting physical and psychological well-being. Graduates would be qualified for entry-level careers in health agencies and facilities as well as corporate wellness and fitness programs.
  • Community Mental Health/Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Track - emphasizes skills and knowledge that would prepare graduates for entry-level careers in government and private social service agencies as assistant case managers, assistant therapists, and assistant counselors.

This degree is designed to provide a high-quality, relevant, integrated, skills-based program of instruction in the basic theory, methodology, and application of the discipline of psychology. Non-traditional learning and intensive internship experiences make the program unique. All four years of the program can be completed at PSU Berks.

Students admitted to the B.A. in Applied Psychology must have earned a minimum of 60 credit hours from Penn State or other colleges and universities. First year students or advanced-standing students with less than 60 credits can matriculate as Penn State Berks common year students until the credit minimum is attained. Advanced-standing students from other accredited colleges or universities will be admitted only with specified grade-point averages established annually in accordance with university policy.