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Internship Experiences

Internship Experiences

All Information Sciences and Technology (IST) and Security and Risk Analysis (SRA) students must complete an internship in an IST or SRA related field. Internships can be part-time or full-time and paid or unpaid. To receive credit for the internship, baccalaureate degree students register for and complete IST 495 and must complete at least 300 hours of supervised employment. Associate degree students register for and complete IST 295B and must complete at least 150 hours of supervised employment. It is highly recommended that associate degree students who may want to continue on to a baccalaureate degree in IST or SRA should complete IST 495 instead of IST 295B.

The Registration Process

If you need help building your résumé, preparing for an interview, or finding an internship, contact Ms. Alexa Wojciechowski (Perkins Rm. 10C, atw3@psu.edu) in Career Services. Once you have found an internship, your internship must be approved by the IST/SRA Internship Coordinator Tricia Clark before you begin. When you find your internship, contact Ms. Clark for approval. After receiving approval, follow these steps to register for IST 495 or IST 295B:

  1. Complete the two internship initial forms: employer.pdf (completed by your employer and you) and internship.pdf (completed by you).
  2. Submit copies of these forms to Career Services (Perkins Rm. 10). They will give you an Add form for IST 495 or IST 295B.
  3. Submit copies of your initial forms to Ms. Clark along with the Add form.
  4. Submit the Add slip to the Registrar’s Office.

You do not need to wait until the beginning of a semester or a summer session to begin the registration process or your internship.

Contact Ms. Clark (211 Gaige, tkc3@psu.edu) for additional information.