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MacBook Basics

The basics to utilizing the functions of the MacBook hardware.

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Mac OS X Basics

The basics to using the Mac OS interface as well as included basic applications such as:

  • iCal
    Apple's calendar creation and management application built into OS X
  • Mail
    Tutorials on setting up and utilizing Apple's email management application built into OS X
  • iChat
    Tutorials on setting up an account and using iChat and it’s advanced video conferencing features

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Tutorials on how to utilize Microsoft's Office suite for Mac as well as Apple's own productivity suite known as iWorks.(Both sold separately)

  • Word/Pages (coming soon)
    Document creation applications
  • Excel/Numbers (coming soon)
    Spreadsheet applications
  • PowerPoint/Keynote (coming soon)
    Presentation creation applications


Tutorials on how to utilize Apple's iLife digital content creation and management suite of applications.

  • iPhoto
    Photo management and editing application.
  • iTunes
    Multimedia management and purchase application.
  • Garageband
    Music and rhythm creation application
  • iMovie
    Movie creation application
  • iDVD
    DVD publishing application for movies.
  • iWeb
    Website creation, publishing, and managing application.

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Comic Life

Application for creating panel based comic strips or scrapbooks.
Learn to use Comic Life » (coming soon)