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Maria Fazio, graduate

Maria Fazio, 2010
B.A. Communication Arts & Sciences
Minor in Business

I chose Penn State Berks because I was able to both commute and continue to work full-time. After becoming acquainted with the students, and most importantly the awesome faculty and staff, I was very glad that I made that choice. I have met lifelong friends and I am very thankful for that.

I loved studying Communication but the part I enjoyed most was the faculty. Dr. Michele Ramsey, Dr. Cheryl Nicholas and Mr. Michael Stella are by far the elite of educators with an amazing compassion and dedication to their students. They all made my experience unforgettable and I would not be where I am today if it was not for these individuals who pushed me to my highest potential. I am forever grateful to them and they all are still a big part of my life (and I plan on keeping it that way)!

After graduating at Berks I completed a Master's Program at Kent State University. I work at Legacy Health Services in Brook Park/Parma, OH as a Patient & Family Satisfaction Coordinator. I am responsible for all newly admitted patients. I follow up with them and their families after they move into one of the facilities to make sure they’re comfortable and to address any concerns.

E-mail Maria for more information about her experience with the CAS program at Penn State Berks.

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What is the study of Communication Arts & Sciences?

 Click to view videoThe Communications Arts and Science degree (CAS) provides students with curriculum that cultivates interpersonal communication, problem-solving, critical thinking and teamwork skills. According to the Job Outlook 2013 Report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, (NACE), employers are looking to hire candidates with outstanding communication skills, who are team players that have the ability to organize, analyze, prioritize and make decisions about information they have attained and processed. The CAS degree allows students to hone skills that are being sought out in the workforce. Students will learn how to make effective arguments, solve problems, think critically, form effective close relationships, work in team structures and become a group leader. 

What Does The Communication Arts & Sciences Major Offer?

Communication Arts & Sciences offers the skills necessary in developing clear messages. Students in the CAS major will acquire the ability to verbally communicate, solve problems, think critically, organize and plan, obtain and process information and analyze data.

What Careers Are Available to Communication Arts & Sciences Majors?

Communication Arts & Sciences prepares students for positions beyond the entry-level by providing necessary leadership and person management skills. Students with a Communications Arts & Sciences degree can pursue careers in organizational communication, public advocacy and strategic communication, inter personal and inter cultural communication, health communication and public relations. 

What Does the Communication Arts & Sciences Major Involve?

Since the Communication Arts & Sciences major leads in so many directions, the requirements are very versatile and individualized.  Students in the CAS major may seek internships that will provide real-world work experience in addition to knowledge gained from classrooms. Classes involve students engaging one another through interpersonal communication while learning how to form skills such as researching and analyzing data.

Request Information

For more information, please e-mail Kesha Morant Williams, Program Coordinator, or call 610-396-6218