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B.S. in Science

The B.S. in Science is an interdisciplinary degree that aims to provide a broad, general education in science. The B.S. major includes options in general science and life science. Many students from this major go on to graduate school in some specific science discipline or to professional school in areas such as medicine, dentistry, veterinary, optometry, podiatry, chiropractic, law, or business. Other students seek immediate employment in a wide variety of science-related disciplines, such as sales or service in chemical or drug companies, technical assistants in biological laboratories, research in industry or government, science writing, or education.

Thank you for visiting Penn State Berks College. To request information about our Science program, please go to our online Request Information Form.

You may also contact us by phone or email.

For more information about our Science programs, please contact program coordinators:

Dr. Ike Shibley, 610-396-6185, E-mail:, or
Dr. Andrew Romberger, 610-396-6199, E-mail:

For admissions information, contact the Berks Admissions Office at


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