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Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology students in classroom

Penn State is one of only five schools in the nation to combine electrical and mechanical engineering technologies in a baccalaureate degree program.

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The Bachelor of Science in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology (BSEMET) program is offered in response to a growing demand from industrial and consulting companies for engineering staff members with a wide range of technical knowledge. Only four other schools in the nation, other than Penn State, offer a baccalaureate degree program combining electrical and mechanical engineering technologies, and none of these schools are located in Pennsylvania.

The primary aim of the EMET program is to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply current methods and technology to the development, design, operation, and management of electro-mechanical systems, particularly in those industries where automated systems are prevalent. Specific educational objectives of the program are to ensure that graduates are:

  • Capable of and actively involved in the specification, procurement, or integration of electromechanical systems.
  • Capable of and actively involved in the operation, testing, or maintenance of electromechanical systems.
  • Capable of and actively involved in project team activities, and
  • Capable of and actively involved in the preparation and delivery of technical documentation and communications.
The need for cross-discipline capabilities is particularly true of small and mid-sized manufacturing and production industries where technical staffs are often small and very versatile. As a result, EMET graduates are well suited for careers in such industries.

All four years of the program can be completed at the Berks campus. In addition, the college has Transfer Guides with a number of community colleges.

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For program-specific questions about this degree, please e-mail program coordinator Terry Speicher (tls20@psu.edu) or call 610-396-6331.

For admissions information and general literature, contact the Berks Admissions Office at 610-396-6060.