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This minor provides understanding and practice in the ways humans achieve their personal and career goals by means of oral communication. So called “soft skills,” such as interpersonal communication, problem solving, teamwork, and critical thinking, are more valued than “hard skills” according to a 2002 report on workforce development. If you want to learn to think critically, make effective arguments, solve problems, get along with all kinds of people, form effective close relationships, and function effectively as a member of a community, check out Communication Arts & Sciences. Courses in rhetorical and human communication theory lay the foundations for courses focusing on practical application of communication theory in personal and professional contexts.

18 credits are required for the Minor in Communication Arts and Sciences. Students may not use CAS 100, 126, or 195 to satisfy requirements for the minor. A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor.

Requirements for the Minor: 18 credits

I. Select 3 credits from the following options*:

CAS 203: Interpersonal Communication
CAS 214W: Speech Writing
CAS 250: Small Group Communication
CAS 252: Business and Professional Communication
CAS 271 (GI): Intercultural Communication
CAS 280W: Storytelling and Speaking
CAS 283: Communication and Information Technology I

* The following courses, offered at other Penn State locations are also acceptable options: CAS 205, CAS 211, CAS 213, or CAS 215.

II. Select 3 credits from the following:

CAS 200 (GI): Language, Culture, and Communication
CAS 201 (GH): Rhetorical Theory
CAS 202 (GS): Communication Theory

III. Additional Courses in Communication Arts & Sciences

Not to exceed 12 credits - selected according to the student’s interests and career plans. Be sure that at least 6 credits are at the 400 level.

Students may contact Dr. Michele Ramsey (emr10@psu.edu; 610-396-6148) at Berks for more information.

Students interested in applying for this minor should print and complete the Entrance to Minor Form located at:

This form must be signed by your major adviser at Penn State Berks.

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