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The purpose of this award shall be to provide seed money to support an enterprising and innovative student at Penn State Berks. The main objective of the award is to allow students to utilize their Penn State Berks education to become entrepreneurs and start businesses which can create jobs in our local community.


The requestor and project lead for this award must be a junior or a senior student majoring in Engineering, Business, or Information Sciences and Technology programs and enrolled at Penn State Berks. All other students enrolled at Penn State Berks are eligible to be a member of the team but can not be the project lead and/or the requestor. Download printable flier (PDF) »

Selection Criteria

A one-time total grant of up to $3,000, as determined by the Review Committee, may be awarded to a successful student or students who demonstrate:

  • A passion to start a new business
  • A business plan outlining the product requirements and time table for profitability
  • A demonstrated product prototype that will be the core of the business plan
  • The marketplace, including competition, where the product will be sold
  • The sources and locations where the product will be developed, fabricated, and/or obtained
  • An understanding of the quality, safety and ethical issues as well as any government regulations required of the new business
  • A mentor who will assist, guide, and support the student during the startup phase.


A student or students who receive a one-time award will be requested to return to the campus at a later date to share their experiences with Penn State Berks students. Coordination of the follow-up and speaking engagements will be handled by the Head of the Entrepreneurship Program.


Application is a 3-Step Process

  1. Apply by 5 pm, March 15 - View Application Form »
  2. Complete Business Plan and submit online by 5 pm, Mar. 30 - View Business Plan Structure »
  3. Potential award recipients will be contacted to schedule their presentation.
  4. Present Business Plan and Prototype/Model to the Student Enterprise Award Committee in mid-April.
    (Bring Prototype and hard copy of Business Proposal)


How to write a business plan - www.sba.gov

Required Sections of Business Plan - View Business Plan Structure Guide »


The Student Enterprise Award Committee will evaluate each business plan and contact potential award recipients to schedule their presentation.

Student Enterprise Award Committee

James Laurie
Instructor of  Business, Penn State Berks
Visit James Laurie's Faculty Profile Page

James Shankweiler
Lecturer in Business
Visit James Shankweiler's Faculty Profile Page

Elizabeth Wiggins
Lecturer of Engineering, Penn State Berks
Coordinator of the PSU-Berks Learning Factory
Visit Elizabeth Wiggins' Faculty Page

Todd R. Schorle
President/Account Manager

Award Announcements

Award recipients will be notified by the end of the semester.