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Scholarships at Berks

There are a number of scholarships available to students at Penn State Berks. Annual awards are made from a variety of funds, typically ranging in amount from $1250 to $1500. Awards are based upon demonstrated academic performance and financial need. First year students are automatically considered for awards based on academic credentials shown in the admission application and the information provided on the FAFSA. Returning students are encouraged to submit a campus scholarship application for maximum consideration. This application is due May 1.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements for Returning Penn State Berks Students

To be considered for a Penn State Berks Scholarship you must:

·        Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA, fafsa.gov)

·        Have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher at the end of the spring semester

·        Be returning to the Berks Campus for at least the fall semester

·        Although it is no longer a requirement to submit the Penn State Berks Returning Student Scholarship Application, it is highly recommended to submit the application by May 1 for maximum consideration of all scholarships. Applications are available after spring break in the Financial Aid Office (Room 6, Perkins Student Center) and through the Berks website.


Please Note:

Most Berks Campus Scholarships are not automatically renewable. Students will be considered each year. For maximum consideration of all scholarships, you must submit the Returning Student Scholarship Application each year.



Contact the Financial Aid Office at 610-396-6070. Visit us in Room 6 in the Perkins Student Center.