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"Volunteering today for a better Penn State Berks tomorrow."

The Berks Alumni Society is part of the Penn State Alumni Association and the purpose of the Berks Alumni Society is to help keep alumni connected to the Berks Campus and inform them of upcoming events and campus news.  Membership is free to any graduates of Penn State Berks.

Did you know that if you are a Penn State Berks alum and member of the Penn State Berks Alumni Association you are automatically a member of the Penn State Berks Alumni Society? Three-thousand alumni and friends of Penn State Berks are currently members of the Society.

A few of the Society's activities include ice cream sales, outdoor on-campus movie nights, annual student welcome picnic, homecoming parades at both Berks and University Park campuses, and numerous educational and social activities. The Society also supports and co-sponsors a variety of campus and community events and participates in many University-wide functions. The endeavors are part of the Penn State Alumni Association, the nation's largest and most active university alumni group with over 169,000 members. I strongly encourage you to join me at our next meeting and find out how you can become an active volunteer with the Society.

For more information regarding the Berks Alumni Society, please contact Heather Angstadt at hla2@psu.edu or 610-396-6052. 



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