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Read reflections from our adult leaners

Glenn Adams - Information Sciences and Technology

"I enrolled at Penn State University Park campus after high school and never finished. I always regretted that, so twenty years later, I decided that it was time to go back to school and earn a degree. I got to know the professors at Penn State Berks in a different way. The environment at this campus is so completely different. The professors know who you are...care about who you are...and want to see you succeed."

Al Kudel - Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology

"I've been an engineer for a long time, but I'm just finishing my degree. The reason I chose Penn State Berks is that it's the only college in the area where I could complete my engineering degree. I have really enjoyed working with the younger people here who haven't been out in the world yet and talking to them about my experiences."

Tammy Seda - Applied Psychology

"I chose Penn State Berks because I could complete the degree in Applied Psychology and not have to travel far from home. As a wife and mother, it's important for me to be able to balance a lot of roles, and Penn State Berks allowed me to add student to that list. Everyone on the campus knows who you are and you feel very welcome. Penn State Berks was the right choice for me."

Nicholas Marriott - Security and Risk Analysis

"After the Air Force, I began attending college through the G.I. Bill at a local community college and soon after, I transferred to Penn State Berks. They had the degree in Security and Risk Analysis that I wanted, and the campus is close to home. Penn State Berks makes it easy for veterans to return to school and the faculty and staff are very welcoming."