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Camp Description

The Computers and Cyber Security Camp includes problem-based instruction and hands-on activities with a strong emphasis on exposing students to computer security/information assurance careers, especially in the financial services industry.  Students will be involved in many activities designed to protect and defend personal privacy and information systems, and they will learn techniques for information system restoration by incorporating protection, detection, and recovery capabilities.

Camp Overview**

Monday--Networking and Internet Protocols

Basic function of the TC/IP layers; addressing (IP, port numbers, phyusical); network topologies; client/server paradigm

Tuesday--Introduction of Information Security and Privacy

Information confidentiality, integrity, and availability; terminology of information security; digital rights; privacy; threats to information security and privacy

Wednesday--Technology for Information Security

Cryptography; symmetric encryption algorithms; asymmetric and public key encryption; hashing; authentication and authentication factors (passwords,k smart caards, biometrics)

Thursday--PC Security

Patching and software updates; detecting and protecting against malicious software; PC firewalls; PC vulnerability analysis; browser and e-mail security; protecting files and folders using encryption and password; backups, restoring computers, and disaster recovery; PC security policies

Friday--Networking and Internet Protocols

Network firewalls and network defense; intrusion detection; physical security for networks; network administration

** This camp activities are based on last year's camp and are subject to change at the instructor's discretion.

Camp Details

July 11-15
Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
FEE"  $400 Commuter /  $725 Residential

Lunch is included in the commuter camper fee. Residential campers will arrive late Sunday afternoon and stay in the campus dorms. All meals and evening transportation are provided. There is an additional fee for evening activities (approximately $50). Separate residential information is sent in June.

Register for Summer Camp 

On line registration is now available; if you are using a personal check or money order, use this registration form.  If you have questions, please contact the Continuing Education office at 610-396-6225 for assistance.  Here are the additional consent forms you need to complete.