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Fall 2015 - Berks Cohort 13

EDUC 554 - Computers in Education (3 credits)

Dates:  October 16-18 and November 6-8, 2015

Location:  Penn State Berks Franco Building Room 104

Fall 2015 - Lebanon Cohort 14

EDUC 555 - Development of Communication Skills in ESL (3 credits)

Dates:  October 23-25 and November 13-15, 2015

Location:  Penn State Berks Franco Building Room 104

Spring  2016 - Berks Cohort 13

EDUC 600 - Research in Education (3 credits)

Dates:  March 11-13 and April 15-17, 2016

Location:  TBD

Spring 2016- Lebanon Cohort 14

EDUC 551 - Reading Processes in ESL (3 credits)

Dates:  March 18-20 and April 22-24, 2016

Location:  TBD

Summer 2016 - Berks Cohort 13

LL ED 498C/EDUC 704 Summer Institute: The Teaching of Writing: Theory and Practice (6 credits)

Study and analysis of theoretical and the practical issues related to the teaching of writing. Students will improve their own writing while learning the writing process and the cognitive theory to which the writing process is related. They will learn and practice strategies for teaching the thinking/writing process and applications to ESL teaching. The course uses a workshop format and is designed to model the strategies students’ will be learning and practicing.

Dates:  July 6-8, 13-15 and 20-22, 2016

Time:  TBD

Location:  TBD

For information pertaining to the Berks courses, e-mail Walt Fullam (wff1@psu.edu) or call 610-396-6223.

For information pertaining to the Lebanon courses, e-mail Fred Shattls (fshattls@lebanon.k12.pa.us).