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In the You Be the Chemist Camp, developed by the Chemical Educational Foundation (CEF), campers will have the opportunity to work with common materials and everyday situations, and find that chemistry explains much of the world in which we live. By understanding chemistry, the participants can begin to answer for themselves many of the "why" questions they've pondered in the past. Each day will have a theme and be balanced between discussion and hands-on activities and experiments.

Camp Overview*

Monday Activities

Measuring and graphing, scientific notation, measuring volume and appropriate tests...M&M evaluations, Tums vs. Rolaids, which insulated cup is best?

Tuesday Activities

Temperature, test kits, turbidity, flow rate, macroinverebrate identification, perk tests, and activities include measuring the height of a tree without climbing it, floating paper clips and boat races.

Wednesday Activities

Introducing the case of the missing significant figures, arson investigation--cooling curves of VOC's, who killed Barney, the purple dinosaur? and the exploding bag--measuring sound intensity.

Thursday Activities

Kitchen chemistry include making slime, iron in cereal, fountain of soda, puffed rice fleas, milk rainbow, buoyant butter, rubber eggs.

Friday Activities

Chemistry competition and celebration--soda bottle rocket launch, student developed experiments, gummy bear lab, candle investigation, making ice cream.

* The camp activities shown are based on last year's camp and are subject to change at the instructor's discretion. 

Camp Details

June 20-24
Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 4 PM
FEE:  $275

Parents/guardians are responsible for dropping off their charges in the classroom and picking them from the classroom up 15 minutes before the camp starts and within 15 minutes of the camp ending time.

Campers must provide their own lunch, snacks, and drinks. 

Register for Summer Camp

On line registration is now available; payment by personal check/money order, please use this paper registration form.  All camps must have these consent forms completed for the registration to be finalized.  If you have questions, please contact the Continuing Education office at 610-396-6225 for assistance.



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