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Recent Abstracts

*represents student abstracts presented at the American Society for Microbiology Meeting- Chicago May 1999
** represent student abstracts presented at the Berks County Undergraduate Conference-Albright College 2000

**Ott, D. and T. Mysliwiec. 2000. Genomic Analysis of the Spore-Converting Bacteriophage, SP10

* Hanson, N. and T. Mysliwiec. 1999. Analysis of Spo0J DNA binding affinity, ASM, 1999 Chicago, IL

* Lee, Y. and T. Mysliwiec. 1999. Characterization of spo0J expression using a spo0J::lacZ fusion

* Tischler, A. and T. Mysliwiec. 1999. Analysis of the spore-converting bacteriophage, SP10.

Mysliwiec, T., and G.D. Kruh. 1995. Oncogene Meeting. Frederick, MD

Wang, B., T. Mysliwiec, and G.D. Kruh. 1995. Oncogene Meeting. Frederick MD

Mysliwiec, T., and G.D. Kruh. 1994. Gordon Conference, Second Messengers. Lebanon, NH


Dr. Tami Mysliwiec