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Ada Leung

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Full Time

Ph.D., Marketing, University of Arizona

e-mail: cxl51@psu.edu

Phone: 610-396-6186

Fax: 610-396-6024

Office: 332 Gaige Building


My research interests focus on the sociological aspects of consumer behavior, including social network, quality of life, and cross-cultural consumer research. My research explores how social structures shape and co-evolve with individual consumption behaviors. Individuals at different positions in the social structure have differential access to resources and hence face different sets of constraints during consumption. At the same time, consumption practices feedback to the social structures the individuals are embedded in, and cause structural changes in the social system. I use social research methodologies such as surveys, ethnography, social network analyses, and case study to conduct research.

Most Recent Publications

Leung, Ada (2011), "Financial Management Practices and Social Reproduction," Qualitative Marketing Research: An International Journal, Volume 14, Issue 2, 218-239.

Luthans, Kyle and Ada Leung (2010), "Development of Human and Social Capital through Industry Peer Networks" in Business Research Yearbook: Global Business Perspectives, Rodney A Oglesby, H. Paul LeBlanc III, Marjorie G. Adams, eds, 685-690.