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Lorena TribeAssociate Professor of Chemistry

Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1995

Lic. Chemistry, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1988

e-mail: Lut1@psu.edu
Phone: 610-396-6187
Fax: 610-396-6024
Office 224 Luerssen Building


Dr. Lorena Tribe is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Penn State Berks. Tribe's area of research is theoretical chemistry and condensed matter. Currently there are four general topics which she is investigating with undergraduate students: the interactions of small organic/biological molecules with clays, scattering of atmospheric atoms and molecules of liquid surfaces, dynamic properties of alloys, and visualization methods to portray theoretical results. The methods used range from developing in-house programs on local computers to using front end software packages remotely on Penn State's super computers. Professor Tribe is committed to producing quality research with her students that will be presented at national and international conferences, and will be published in peer-reviewed journals.

Most Recent Publications:

Tribe L. Wave packet calculations for helium scattering by a xenon monolayer CHEMICAL PHYSICS 327 (2-3): 468-473 SEP 11 2006.

Tribe L, Kwon KD, Trout CC, et al. Molecular orbital theory study on surface complex structures of glyphosate on goethite: Calculation of vibrational frequencies ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 40 (12): 3836-3841 JUN 15 2006.