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Associate Professor of HistoryMichelle Mart

Ph.D., History, New York University

A.M., University of Michigan

B.A., Cornell University

e-mail: mam20@psu.edu
Phone: 610-396-6180
Fax: 610-396-6026
Office: 118 Franco Building


Dr. Michelle Mart is an Associate Professor of History. Mart's research has specialized in recent American foreign policy and culture, especially the relations between the United States and Israel in the post-World War II period, and cultural images of Jews and the Jewish state. Currently, Dr. Mart is working on a book-length study of pesticides in postwar America from cultural, political, and foreign policy perspectives. Mart teaches the introductory survey of American history, as well as introductory courses in the Middle East and American Studies. Her upper level classes include seminars on American Foreign Policy and the Cold War.

Most Recent Publications:

Pesticides, A Love Story: America's Enduring Embrace of Dangerous Chemicals, University Press of Kansas, 2015.

“Cultural and Political Images of American Jews in the Mid-Twentieth Century,” in Volker Depkat and Jurgen Martshukat (eds.),  Religion and Politics in Europe and the United States: Transnational Historical Approaches, Washington DC: Woodrow Wilson Center Press, 2013.

“Rhetoric and Response: The Cultural Impact of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring,” Left History, 14.2, Summer 2010.