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Professor of Management

Ph.D., International Business and Strategic Management, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

e-mail: mur12@psu.edu
Phone: 610-396-6096
Fax: 610-396-6026
Office: 336 Gaige Building

Most Recent Publications:

Richards, M., Carolyn P. Egri, C.P., Ralston, D.A., Naoumova, I., Casado, T., Wangenheim, F., Thanh, H.V., Pekerti, A., Schroll-Machl, S.  “How Can We Better Understand Current and Future Workforce Values in the Global Business Environment?” Thunderbird International Business Review, Accepted Oct. 2010, Forthcoming 2012.

Richards, M. and Yang, Y.  2010.  “Modes of international external technology innovation: evidence from a global sample,” International Journal of Strategic Business Alliances, 1(4): 337-63.

Carpenter, M.A., Indro, D.C., Miller, S.R., and Richards, M.  2010. “CEO stock-based pay, home-country risk, and foreign firms’ capital acquisition in the U.S. market,” Corporate Governance: An International Review, 18( 6): 496-519.