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Building on 50 Years of Excellence

Key Performance Indicators

The Integrated Dashboard provides the status of both Year 1, Year 2 & Year 3 strategic plan progress. View Penn State Berks Integrated Dashboard ».

In fall 2008, several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be identified for each of the five strategic goals:


  1. GOAL 1: Student Learning & Educational Excellence: Aggressively recruit and retain students consistent with Penn State standards and available resources of the College.
  2. GOAL 2: Enrollment Management:Effectively recruit and retain a diverse population that aligns with the Penn State Berks mission, priorities, and University enrollment projections.
  3. GOAL 3: Diversity & Sense of Community: Foster a caring, collegial, and diverse campus community aligned with Penn State University Principles.
  4. GOAL 4: Community Outreach: Enhance existing and promote new partnerships between Penn State Berks and its service area.
  5. GOAL 5: Research & Scholarship: Support research and scholarship to advance knowledge and creativity. Promote ongoing intellectual vitality, enhance the reputation of Penn State Berks, and model lifelong inquiry.

The purpose of the KPIs is threefold: 

  1. assess the extent the College is meeting these five goals,
  2. evaluate the extent Building on 50 Years of Excellence is being realized, and  
  3. identify initiatives and action plans that need to be revised to meet these five goals by 2013.