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Internships open the door to opportunities

At Penn State Berks, you'll gain practical, "real-world" experience to prepare you for life after college through internships. All of the college's baccalaureate degree programs, and many associate degree programs, include an internship component in which students work in their chosen field, earning college credit for their experiences. These internships supplement classroom learning and offer students the opportunity to develop experience in a professional setting. For more information, contact our office of Career Services. Career Services can also provide you with access to BerksWorks, a site at which Berks County area employers post internships

James McCartyJames McCarty
Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology

"The Applied Psychology Program at Penn State Berks has helped me to not only grow as an individual, but also as a professional within my field of study. The degree itself is broad, however the internships that I have obtained through the program have helped me to gain vital on-the-job experience and apply what I am learning in the classroom to the "real world" and really tailor my degree to what benefits my academic desires."

"If there is one thing that sets our program apart from others, it would have to be the opportunities for students. I have only completed two of my four internships, but I have already gained more experience than peers who have graduated from similar programs at similar schools. I have been in a clinical counseling setting; observed group and individual therapy sessions, been to court to observe a psychologist testify in a child custody hearing, score psychological tests, and even help to create, and run (supervised) a psychotherapy group for individuals suffering from Anxiety and Depression. These are the type of opportunities that will help set me on the road to success for what comes after college."

"I owe a lot of thanks to the professors within the program for all they have taught me, as well as how much they have helped me to grow as a person. Choosing to finish my degree at Penn State Berks was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made, hands down."

Courtney VinsonCourtney Vinson

“When I visited Penn State Berks, I felt like it was a good fit. I felt welcome and comfortable. I found all the resources that I was looking for at a small campus where I know many of the faces. I don’t want to leave when I graduate!”

Courtney was drawn to Penn State Berks because it offered the big university degree at a small college setting. She planned to transfer after two years, but fell in love with the campus and decided to stay when Berks added the Theatre degrees to its curriculum. Courtney has had the opportunity to perform in theatre productions and plans to complete an internship at a theatre company in Philadelphia. She is a member of a theatre honor society. In addition, she is a Lion Ambassador and an Orientation Leader, and she works in the college’s Information Technology Office. Courtney plans to continue her education and work in New York City.

Dan Chadwick

Dan Chadwick
Elementary and Kindergarten Education

“I was never felt satisfied with my jobs, so I decided to go back to school and become a teacher. Even with the current economic situation and the job market, I’m sure I’ll get a job because of the great education I received at Penn State Berks.”

When Dan Chadwick was a freshman in high school, he never imagined that the mentor program that paired him with a high school senior would be an inspiration many years later. Chadwick, a returning adult student, developed a similar program to help elementary school students make the transition to middle school. While completing his student teaching at 13th and Green Elementary School, he developed a pen pal program designed to bridge the gap between the two educational worlds of elementary and middle school. Dan wanted to “make a difference” so he decided to go back to school and earn a degree in education. He was awarded the Elementary Education Academic Service Award for his efforts.


Students can complete the first two years of more than 160 baccalaureate degree programs offered at other Penn State locations. Or they can choose to enroll in one of the college's 20 bachelor's degree programs. The college continuously works to develop additional baccalaureate degree programs that meet community needs.

These bachelor's degree programs are complemented by academic minors, which enhance students' educational experience. Penn State Berks also offers 5 Associate degree programs, which are available in a variety of fields.

Penn State Berks also offers educational opportunities for adult learners through an extensive selection of continuing education classes, including undergraduate credit courses, professional certificate programs, and special-interest noncredit classes and seminars. All are designed to help you get ahead in today's (and tomorrow's) job market.


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