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2012-2013 Assessment Grant Recipients

Dr. Jayne Leh Assistant Professor, Special Education; Mr. John Guiseppe Instructor, Economics; and Dr. David Bender Campus Registrar; Associate Professor, Education: Assessment of undergraduate education majors’ learning: Using observations from a short-term study abroad experience to analyze understandings of teaching in a culturally diverse setting.

Dr. Michele Ramsey Associate Professor, Communication Arts and Sciences, Women's Studies: Assessment of CAS program objective #4: An ability to locate, synthesize, and assimilate new information from a variety of sources.

Dr. Jeanne Marie Rose Associate Professor, English: Ongoing Composition Program Assessment: Assessing Development in English 15.

Dr. Brenda Russell Associate Professor, Psychology; Program Coordinator, Applied Psychology: Creating more objective measures of outcome assessment in the Applied Psychology Program.

Dr. Christian Weisser Associate Professor, English; Program Coordinator, Professional Writing: Development of a rubric to assess senior portfolios in the Professional Writing Program.

2012-13 Assessment Grant Committee Members

  • Dr. David Aurentz, Associate Professor, Chemistry
  • Dr. Paul Esqueda, Sr. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Professor, Engineering
  • Dr. Jayné Park-Martinez, Research Analyst
  • Mr. John Shank, Associate Librarian; Instructional Design Librarian
  • Dr. Terry Speicher, Assistant Professor, Engineering; Program Coordinator