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Student Entrepreneur Creates His Own Future

In today's job market, many college students are worried about finding a good position in their field when they graduate. At Penn State Berks, Dale Lefever has already found his dream jobs-at his own company.

Lefever, an Information Science and Technology major who will graduate in December, began creating Web sites for businesses while he was still in high school. His company, Absolute Computers Technologies, a networking information technology company, seemed to be a natural extension of his education at Penn State Berks.

"The IT industry is growing, and companies need to keep up," comments Lefever, who is always on call due to the immediacy of the IT industry. He troubleshoots IT problems and conducts business remotely using his iPhone. In fact, he has even developed applications for the iPhone.

Penn State Berks added the Engineering Entrepreneurship minor to the curriculum this fall. Student entrepreneurs are part of a growing trend, according to Dr. Sadan Konak-Kulturel, coordinator for the Entrepreneurship minor.

"Most of our students are very entrepreneurial and they enjoy being creative," explains Konak-Kulturel. "All of our courses in the Entrepreneurship Minor are based on problem-based learning. It is very delightful to see some of our students are already entrepreneurs."

Balancing work, academics, and a social life is no easy task. In addition to time management, Lefever always needs to always be accessible to his customers.

But he says it's worth the effort.

When asked what advice they would give to students, Lefever states, "Be prepared to do a lot of work and dedicate a lot of time to your business."

For more information about Absolute Computer Technologies, visit the Web site: www.absolutecomputertech.com.
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