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Students teach business concepts through children’s books

Students enrolled in Penn State Berks’ Advanced Business Writing course have created a series of children’s books that focuses on key concepts in business and other professions. This venture, with an elementary school in Lancaster, connects students with a real audience of readers outside of the college and emphasizes writing with clarity and concision for a basic, uninformed audience.

Dr. Christian Weisser, Coordinator of the Professional Writing degree program, has teamed up with a second grade class at Reidenbaugh Elementary. The elementary school students will read, discuss, evaluate, and vote for the book they feel is most informative, interesting and clearly written.

Then, one student from the second grade class, Weisser’s son Cole, will visit the Advanced Business Writing class on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 to share the children’s feedback and to announce the winner.

Stated Weisser, “This project seeks to connect students with a “real-world” audience. I find that students’ writing improves the most when they write to an outside audience that will actually read and use their work. Further, this assignment helps students recognize the need to write clearly and concisely to engage readers of different levels.”

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