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Faculty and staff recognized for excellence

Faculty member recognized for teaching excellence
Dr. Cheryl Nicholas, assistant professor of communication arts and sciences, was awarded the 2011 Outstanding Full-Time Teacher Award. Nicholas teaches classes in intercultural communication, message evaluation, research methods, nonverbal communication, storytelling, and communication theory. Her research is based on how symbolic activity constitutes and is constituted by cultural worldviews. Theoretically, her work is grounded in language and social interaction, and critical perspectives. She is also interested in postcolonial and queer theory. This award recognizes a full-time faculty member who has worked at the college for at least three years and has demonstrated exceptional commitment to teaching.

Part-time faculty member receives outstanding teaching award
Toni M. Vanino, instructor in education, was awarded the Outstanding Part-Time Teaching Award. In addition to teaching classes, she serves as a coordinator of Field Experience Placement Services for the education department. She has participated in Family Science Nights, promoting rich opportunities for urban families in both science and literacy. Vanino shares a passion for lifelong learning and values teaching the educators of tomorrow. This award recognizes a part-time faculty member who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to students and effectiveness of instruction that exceeds normal expectations.

Faculty member recognized for outstanding advising

Tom Gavigan, assistant professor of engineering, received the 2011 Outstanding Advising Award. He has over 30 years experience teaching in the fields of Engineering and Engineering Technology, and his primary areas of instruction are engineering mechanics and engineering design. Gavigan is presently the campus contact and referral person for the College of Engineering, where he serves as the liaison between the College of Engineering at University Park and the Berks campus. Gavigan received the 2004 Advisor of the Year Award as well as the 2002 Beaver Community Service Award for outstanding service to the community. The Outstanding Advising Award recognizes full-time faculty members who have worked at the college for at least three years and have demonstrated exceptional commitment to students.

Faculty member recognized for outstanding research
Dr. Robert C. Forrey, professor of physics, was presented the 2011 Outstanding Research Award. His scholarship for 2010-11 included the publication of 11 peer-reviewed articles and a $199,896 grant from the National Science Foundation. He also received the Outstanding Research Award in 2005. Forrey has published more than 70 refereed journal articles including 10 with undergraduate student co-authors. His various research projects in physics, chemistry, and astrophysics have been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Smithsonian Institution, Air Products, Inc., and NASA. This award recognizes a full-time faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in academic research, creative activity, scholarship, and mastery of a subject matter.

Faculty member recognized for outstanding service
Dr. Lolita Paff, associate professor of business and economics and coordinator of the Business degree program, was awarded the 2011 Outstanding Service Award. Paff is a member of the United Way of Berks County's Investment Committee, participates in Greater Reading KIZ Program events, and has worked with local school districts to enhance their business curricula. Her service activities on campus include developing and expanding the curriculum of, as well as research and internship opportunities for students in the Business program; standing on committees both within Berks and the University; and reviewing articles for the US Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference and the Advances in Business Research Journal. The Outstanding Service Award recognizes full-time faculty members who have worked at the college for at least three years and have demonstrated exceptional commitment to community service.
Graphic designer receives outstanding staff award
Nathan Moore, graphic designer, received the Outstanding Staff Member Award. His work reaches a wide audience both within and outside the college, from prospective and current students, to faculty, staff, alumni, and donors. Moore designs the college’s magazines, brochures, advertising, and promotional items.  He also serves as back-up web master and maintains the college’s social media sites. In addition, he has taken the lead on having our printing done by a Forest Stewardship Council certified printer, the highest sustainability standard in the print industry. This award recognizes a full-time staff member who has demonstrated excellence. Individuals are nominated by the college community and chosen by a committee.
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