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Education students visit German classrooms

student group in Germany

Penn State Berks students, enrolled in the college’s EDUC 497H course “Special Topics–International Field Experience: Germany,” had the opportunity to visit classrooms in Germany over the course of a two-week class trip to the country. The intent of this course was to allow students to reflect on their individual teaching philosophies, and the education system in the United States in general. The students returned on May 25, 2012.

The group of 13 students spent two days at a school in Hanau, near Frankfurt, where they observed classrooms; met with students, teachers, and administrators; and experienced the education system in Germany. In addition, they visited a school in Melsungen, and met with the mayor of Melsungen. The trip concluded with a visit to schools in the Freiburg area. The College of Education at Penn State University Park campus established in a partnership with schools in this area in May 2011.

As part of the course requirements, the students were asked to evaluate differences in teaching practices, methodology, instructional strategies, and classroom environment.

For more information on this initiative, contact Dr. Jayne Leh, Assistant Professor of Special Education at Penn State Berks, via e-mail at JML53@psu.edu.

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