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Kim R. Berry, Chief Operating Officer

610-396-6030 or e-mail Kim (KRB11@psu.edu)

In an effort to keep the campus fully operational, Kim plays an active role in the administration and management of all aspects of the campus operations with respect to facilities maintenance and improvements, police service and safety, human resources, and information technology.

Mark D. Dawson, Assistant Director of Operations

610-396-6260 e-mail Mark (MXD318@psu.edu)

Is responsible for the overall administration of maintenance and operations activities and/or business services functions activities of the campus.

Kevin L. Rudy, Manager, Safety & Security

610-396-6119 or e-mail Kevin (KLR20@psu.edu)

Kevin serves as the Chief of Police and the Manager of Safety & Security.

Lisa Glass, Director of Information Technology

610-396-6190 or e-mail Lisa (LMG9@psu.edu)

Lisa is responsible for the strategic planning for information technology and instructional design services, creation of IT policy documents, budget management, development and administration of information technology services.

Tracy Magda, Telecommunication Specialist

610-396-6275 or e-mail Tracy (TLM28@psu.edu)

Tracy is responsible for the voice side of Information Technology.

Melissa Rebholz, Regional Director of Human Resources 

610-396-6038 or e-mail Melissa (MAR61@psu.edu)

Melissa is responsible for the planning and coordination of human resources at three Penn State campuses: Berks, Schuylkill, and Lehigh Valley. Responsibilities include benefits, recruitment and compensation, employment, employee relations, performance management, workers' compensation, and application of Penn State Human Resources policies.

Kathy Ashby, Director, Housing & Food Services

610-396-6356 or e-mail Kathy (KLA1@psu.edu)

Kathy is responsible for the operation of dining halls, snack bars, catering, and housing services including the supervision of staff and maintenance of records and inventories."

Philip Marshall, Manager, Bookstore

610-396-6101 or e-mail Philip (PCM10@psu.edu)

Philip runs and oversees the daily operations and activities of the Bookstore.

Claudia Plato, Financial Assistant

610-396-6020 or e-mail Claudia (CIP1@psu.edu)

Claudia serves as the administrative support assistant to the telecommunications analyst, oversees the copiers, postage meter and fleet vehicle reservations.

Jackie Confalone, Human Resources Assistant, Business Services

610-396-6039 or e-mail Jackie (JOC10@psu.edu)

Jackie is the administrative assistant for the Chief Operating Officer keeping the day-to-day operations of the many facets of the Business Office functioning. She also is the assistant to the Human Resources Manager, serving as a contact for payroll, employee benefit, job vacancy and wage payroll inquiries