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Dr. R. Keith Hillkirk, Chancellor

Serves as the chief executive officer and principal academic leader of the College and is responsible for the quality of academic programs in teaching, research, and service; strategic planning; budgeting, philanthropy; faculty and staff development; outreach; and alumni and community relations.

Paul Esqueda, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Responsibilities include curriculum development and review, faculty development, faculty hiring, faculty promotion and tenure, and faculty integration of research and service, academic assessment, internship, and planning, budget management, international programs, leadership in shaping academic policy and practice, sustaining academic standards and overall representation of the College's academic interests.

Kim Berry, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Business Services

Oversees capital planning, maintenance and operations, informational technology and telecommunications, human resources, police department, risk management, real estate, fleet operations, campus bookstore, housing and food services, and environmental stewardship.

Dennis Mays, Financial Officer

The Financial Officer is responsible for the Bursar's Office where tuition is paid and the Finance Office, which deals with the operating expense budget and involves planning, forecasting, auditing, and final approval of expense documents. The officer reports to the Corporate Controller's Office at University Park and the assistant controller for all University officers.

Administrative Council

Members assist the Chancellor with all aspects and functions involved in the overall running and operations within the College.