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Exciting Options:

A Walk in the Woods

Canoeing Adventure

Building for Tomorrow

Would you like to:

  • Meet other students before classes begin?
  • Learn more about college life?
  • Enjoy awesome outdoor activities?
  • Serve those in the community around you?
  • Build confidence and self-esteem?
  • Enhance leadership skills?
  • Earn credits before classes start?


Early in your pre-orientation program, you will face an array of new and exciting challenges. They may prove as simple as pitching a tent, or more complicated, like designing educational and fun activities for young children. The instructors will present and assist in the development of all the skills necessary to meet these challenges, starting with the basics. However, with practice, you will become adept and accomplish these feats. As your skills grow, your leadership abilities will also progress. After getting through the initial day or two of learning how to live with only the basics, your instructors will encourage you to make more decisions on your own; thus allowing you to learn from your mistakes and your successes, in order to become a better leader. As you become more skilled, you'll gain a new respect for yourself, and the confidence to be a successful leader.


Confidence grows from practice and competence. Sure, it might be difficult to do some of the things you are faced with at first... but your hard work and practice leads to a new confidence in both your outdoor or construction skills and your emerging leadership qualities.


On your pre-orientation trip, you should feel comfortable speaking up with an opinion, asking if you don't understand, supporting someone if you agree or voicing your opinion if you don't. On the final days of your expedition, your full range of communicative skills will come into play.

Summer Outdoor Adventure Programs- Summer 2016

We are offering three Outdoor Adventure Programs that begin in August, 2016 prior to the start of classes and continue into the fall semester. They allow you to satisfy the First-Year Seminar requirement (PSU 005) and serve as an orientation to college. These Learning Communities are a great option for students who want to get a few credits completed before the semester begins.

A Walk in the Woods (Moderate to High Physical Demand) 

August 16-18

  • A Walk in the Woods (KINES 001, section 003) (1.5 GHA credits), August 16-18
  • First-Year Seminar (PSU 005, section 025) (1 credit)

In honor of the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, this year’s “A Walk in the Woods” course will feature hiking in Shenandoah National Park, VA.  Participants will learn group hiking skills, enjoy spectacular views, and sleep in cabins. Student participants should own basic hiking gear and have prior long day-hiking experience. Program cost: $100

Canoeing Adventure (Moderate Physical Demand)

August 14-17

  • Canoeing in Summer (KINES 001, section 004) (1.5 GHA credits), August 14-17
  • First-Year Seminar (PSU 005, section 029) (1 credit) 

Two bald eagles soared overhead, wild turkeys walked through the campsite, great blue herons appeared everywhere ... and that was just the first day. The group will camp out for two nights on the Delaware River and enjoy breathtaking views and an abundance of wildlife. You do not need to know how to canoe to participate. This program assumes no prior canoeing skill, just a willingness to learn new skills, enjoy nature and sleep in a tent. Program cost: $100

Building for Tomorrow (Moderate Physical Demand)

August 15-17

  • Counseling Education (CNED 297, section 1) (2 credits), August 15-17
  • First-Year Seminar (PSU 005, section 025) (1 credit)

Show compassion by sharing strength! Students experience the joy they can provide by preparing a meal at a soup kitchen or assisting in a renovation project with a non-profit. In this program, participants will work together to serve community members in need in Washington, D.C. This experience will be a great way to broaden your cultural horizons through community service. The trip will include opportunities to hear memorable speakers and for sight-seeing in our Nation’s Capital. Program cost: $100



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Saundra Reichel
Director of Campus Life
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