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Social Organizations

The following organizations meet to enrich your understanding of a specific topic or broaden horizons.

African Student Union

President: Raissa Mbami
e-mail*: rbm5086
Advisor: Joe Webb
e-mail:*: jjw26

Meeting Information: Email Raissa for meeting times.

Berks Avengers

President: Erik Lewis
e-mail*: edl5093
Advisor: Stephen Snyder
e-mail*: sjs29
Meeting Information: Email Erik for more information.

Billiards Club

President: Jonathon Hollahan
e-mail*: jlh6178
Advisor: Tracy Magda
e-mail*: tlm28
Meeting Information: Email Jonathon for more information.

Blue & White Society

Blue & White Society promotes enduring and life-long relationships between students and the University. The goals of the organization include enhancing the student's Penn State experience by building strong relationships with alumni, faculty, and staff; preserving and upholding the community's integrity with Penn State pride, leadership, and civic engagement; providing support to the Pennsylvania State University and all its past, present, and future students and friends.

President: Joshua Garcia
e-mail*: JMG5767
Advisor: Heather Angstadt
e-mail:*: HLA2
Meeting Information: Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m., Thun 145

Brotherhood of Scholarship, Cultural Awareness and Community Service (B.S.C.C.)

B.S.C.C.'s mission is to increase unity amongst the campus community. The brotherhood celebrates diverse backgrounds and programs campus events designed to develop leadership and civic engagement.

President: Dominique Robinson
e-mail*: DLR5289
Advisor: Joe Webb
e-mail*: JJW26
Meeting Information: Email Dominique for more information.

Campus Activities Board

Advisor: Brittney Schlechter
e-mail: bls5105
Campus Activities Board website »
Meeting information: Mondays, 1:30 p.m., PSC 3

Chinese Culture Club

President: Xiaojing Chen
e-mail*: xyc5081
Advisor: Jui-Chi Huang
e-mail*: jxh74
Meeting Information: Email Xiaojing for more information.

Christian Student Fellowship

President: Andrew Maiolie
e-mail*: aqm5600
Advisor: Mark Groff
e-mail*: MDG116
Pastor: Dave Hershey
e-mail*: campusminister_dave@yahoo.com
Christian Student Fellowship website »
Meeting Information: Email Andrew for  more information.

Commuter Student Organization

President: Chris Langol
e-mail*: cjl5440
Advisor: Joe Webb
e-mail*: jjw26
Meeting Information: Email Chris for more information.

Concert Club

President: Ben Smaling
e-mail*: bms5586
Advisor: Valerie Cholet
e-mail*: vac110
Meeting Information: Email Ben for more information.

Feministic Club

President: Erika Germann
e-mail*: EIG5106
Advisor: Jessica Schocker
e-mail*: JBS213
Meeting Information: Email Erika for more information.

Her Campus Magazine

President: Ashley Offenback
e-mail*: aao5088
Advisor: Amy White Berger
e-mail*: awb10
Meeting Information: Email Ashley for more information.

High Fashion Club

President: Gemia Price
e-mail*: gkp5030
Advisor: Maria Mogford
e-mail*: mlm54
Meeting Information: Email Gemia for more information.

INK (International Klub)

President: Abdul Naeem
e-mail*: AQN5100
Advisor: Selvi Jagadesan
e-mail: SUJ2
Meeting Information:E-mail Laura for more information.

Latino Unity Club

President: Julie Diaz
e-mail*: JAD5630
Advisor: JoAnne Pumariega / Maria Tinoco
e-mail: JBP12 / MET16
Meeting Information: Email Julie for more information.

Lion Ambassadors

President: Jeanine Snow
e-mail: JAS6022
Advisor: Teri Sabatelli
e-mail: TCS5
Meeting information:E-mail James for more information.

Paintball Club

President: Keith Paff
e-mail: KAP5411
Advisor: Anthony Bednarz
e-mail: ARB14
Meeting information:E-mail Keith for more information.

Pep Band

President: Austin Harak
e-mail*: aih5318
Advisor: Laura Harak
e-mail*: llm18
Meeting Information: Email Austin for more information.

Rainbow Alliance

President: Carolyn Lessig
e-mail: cml5231
Advisor: Karen Kihurani
e-mail: kek5
Meeting information:E-mail Carolyn for more information.

Residence Hall Council

President: Katarina Zambanini
e-mail*: KIZ5054
Advisor: Isaiah Thomas
e-mail*: ijt2
Meeting Information: Email Katarina for more information.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy

President: Kimberly Grinberg
e-mail*: KAG5563
Advisor: Holly Ryan / Lauren Martin
e-mail*: HLR14 / LJM37
Sensible Students for Drug Policy website »
Meeting Information:E-mail Kimberly for more information

Sisterhood of Professional Ladies

President: Jennifer Danella
e-mail*: JLD5748
Advisor: Maria Tinoco
e-mail*: MET16
Meeting Information: Email Jennifer for more information.

Ski & Board Club

President: Aaron Baum
e-mail*: AMB6260
Advisor: Chris Riegel
e-mail*: CJR11
Meeting Information: E-mail Aaron for more information

Zumba Lions

President: Mallory Tomko
e-mail*: MOT5215
Meeting Information: Mondays and Thursdays at 9:15 p.m., Beaver Community Center Studio

Yoga & Meditation Society

President: Emily Pfender
e-mail*: EIP5162
Advisor: Jill Burk
e-mail*: JKB20
Meeting Information: E-mail Emily for more information.