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New Student Orientation Part 1: Advising & Scheduling

The New Student Orientation Part 1: Advising and Scheduling (NSO1), conducted by Penn State's Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), assists new first-year students in evaluating their educational plans by providing them, prior to initial registration, a comprehensive program of testing and individualized educational planning and academic advising. This program is the first stage of academic advising and provides students with an understanding of their scholastic preparation, academic abilities, educational and professional interests, and introduces the student to the academic structure and degree programs of the University.

The testing component of NSO1 is used for educational planning and academic advising purposes and for basic skills purposes. The testing component involves approximately 3 hours or less of the student's time. For further information regarding the NSO1 web testing go to the
NSO1 Testing Site »

Testing Adjustments at NSO1 for Students with Disabilities

Students requiring modifications to the NSO1 test due to a disability, the procedures and policies can be found at the NSO1 Modified Testing Site »


Office for Disability Services

Michelle Peasley, M.S.
Disability Services Coordinator
169 Franco Bldg., P.O. Box 7009
Reading, PA 19610-6009
Phone: 610-396-6410 Fax: 610-396-6402
E-mail Michelle (mns136@psu.edu)

Beth Stanislawczyk
Disability Services Staff Assistant
169 Franco Bldg
Phone: 610-396-6205
E-mail: eaf100@psu.edu