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Testing Accommodation Sign-Up Contract

Submit the Testing Accommodation Sign-Up Form to the instructor prior to every test or quiz.

Download Testing Accommodation Sign-Up Form (.DOC)


Academic Adjustment Letter

An accommodation letter is a letter written by staff from the Office of Disability Services at Penn State and given to students who are eligible for reasonable classroom accommodations at Penn State. It is the student's responsibility to present their accommodation letter to their instructor at the beginning of each semester, or as early as possible, so that the accommodation procedures and policies are clear to both the instructor and the student. Instructors may be approached by a student asking to meet with them during their office hours to discuss accommodations and how they will be carried out through the semester. Students are asked not to present the accommodation letters in front of other students prior to or at the end of class to protect the student's confidentiality regarding their disability and promote a more healthy exchange between the student and the instructor.

In addition to the accommodation letter, instructors will receive a second form called the Responsibilities for Requesting and Providing Classroom Accommodations at Penn State. This form outlines the responsibilities in regard to providing classroom accommodations.


Procedures for Requesting Testing Adjustments

Students who receive their testing accommodations through DS are required to do the following:

Testing Procedures to follow with the instructor

  • Schedule a private meeting with the instructor.
  • Present the accommodation letter to the instructor as soon as it is received from DS.
  • Discuss the testing accommodations stated in the accommodation letter (i.e., you will be scheduling your exams through Disability Services).
  • Leave the meeting with an understanding of the arrangements for testing accommodations.

Submit the Testing Accommodation Sign-Up Contract (see link below) to the instructor prior to every test or quiz.

Procedures to follow with DS

  • Schedule an appointment to discuss each course syllabus with DS. Tests or quizzes will not be scheduled for you from the syllabus only. The syllabus provides DS with preliminary information.
  • In that meeting, you will be asked to sign an agreement that you have read the procedures for scheduling test accommodations.
  • Submit the Test Accommodation Sign-Up Contract to DS at least 5 working days prior to the date of the test or quiz.
  • Test accommodations cannot be guaranteed if the Test Accommodation Sign-Up Form is received in less than 5 days at DS.
  • Contact DS of cancellations and/or changes with your test accommodation schedule.
  • Inform DS if any telephone number and/or email address changes during the semester.

Procedures for the Day of the Test or Quiz

  • Students must leave all materials, backpacks, cell phones, pagers, etc with the proctor. You may only have, in the immediate test area, materials the instructor has given written permission to use during testing.
  • Call DS if you know you are going to be late for test or quiz. If it is a legitimate reason no time will be deducted from the testing time.
  • If you are not satisfied with the testing accommodations, inform the proctor immediately. The proctor and DS will attempt to resolve the problem immediately.



Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

Scholarships are available for persons with documented disabilities. In order to apply for these scholarships, please see a staff person at Disability Services or link directly to the Student Disability Resources Office at University Park.



Office for Disability Services

Michelle Peasley, M.S.
Disability Services Coordinator
169 Franco Bldg., P.O. Box 7009
Reading, PA 19610-6009
Phone: 610-396-6410 Fax: 610-396-6402
E-mail Michelle (mns136@psu.edu)

Beth Stanislawczyk
Disability Services Staff Assistant
169 Franco Bldg
Phone: 610-396-6205
E-mail: eaf100@psu.edu