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Upcoming Special Events

National Day on Writing is October 20th. Stay tuned for details.

Past Events:

National Day on Writing 2010

In October 2010, students at Penn State Berks created 6-word memoirs to celebrate National Day on Writing. These memoirs were displayed in the Perkins Student Center for the day. Below is a sampling of our students' life stories.



Halloween Haiku 2010

The Penn State Berks community created Halloween haikus in celebration of the autumn holiday. Three haikus won our Halloween Haiku Contest. 

Be afraid, have fright
Ghouls and ghosts prowl the night
Full darkness, no light
--Brian Perry

Eye of red toad...check.
Guts of eel in cauldron...check.
One organized witch.
--Kathy Fassbender

the chill fall wind brings
darkened days and lengthy nights
draped in eerie gloom
--Alexander Fretz

Below are a few pictures of all the haikus displayed outside the Writitng Center.