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For Faculty and Staff

Do you need...

  • ...your University computer repaired?
  • ...software installed?
  • ...toner for a printer?
  • ...to make a technology purchase?
  • ...an answer to a technical question?

IT Client Services (Faculty and Staff IT Support) now has a single telephone number and email address. Whether you call or email us, your request will go to multiple IT Client Services staff members. Client Services includes five IT Specialists (Bill, Kathy, Paul, Jeremy and Christine), our IT Trainer (Ken) and our Support Assistant (Maureen).

Your assigned IT Specialist will not change. We are streamlining the request process in an effort to get you faster answers to your questions and provide more efficient service for your IT requests. We have also implemented a new ticket  tracking system. When the IT staff enter your request, you will receive an email copy of the ticket. 

How can you contact us?

Use our new Faculty and Staff IT Request Service.

Call us at 610-396-6464. This number will ring at all of the IT Client Services staff phones.

Email us at BK-ITRequest@psu.edu.