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Teaching & Learning Innovation Grant Partnership Program

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Program Overview 

The Berks Teaching & Learning Innovation (TLI) Grant Partnership Program promotes and supports student centered classroom learning initiatives through enhancement of new or existing courses (face-to-face, hybrid, online).

TLI Grant Partnership awardees will partner with CLT staff to design, develop, implement, and assess creative and effective instructional solutions within their identified area of focus.

Partnership and Support Opportunities

The Partnership Program assists instructors in identifying appropriate instructional approaches and implementing appropriate educational technologies which will align with course learning goals and objectives.

Additionally, the Program assists instructors in identifying and implementing appropriate assessment methods to determine the effectiveness of their projects.

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Focus of Grant Partnerships

The focus of grant partnerships may encompass (but is not limited to) the following areas:

  • Course Design (learning goals, acceptable student evidence, learning experiences, teaching strategies, course evaluation)
  • Design and implementation of technology-enhanced course activities (online discussions, blogs, clickers, mobile learning, maximizing Learning Management System)
  • Development of Custom Web-based Instruction (Tutorials, Interactive Modules, Simulations, Games, Videos, Podcasts)
  • Identification and Integration of Course Resources
  • Assessment Strategies (Quizzes, Surveys, Portfolios, Grading Rubrics)

Demonstrated Outcomes

Examples of demonstrated outcomes of the TLI Program include:

  • Increased student engagement with course content
  • Enhanced student learning and retention
  • Ability to replicate to other course sections
  • Flexible course format offerings (hybrid, online)
  • Reduced course costs and resources
  • Improved utilization of course resources
  • Alignment with the college's current strategic plan

Available Resources

Upon approval, faculty members will be eligible to receive a grant award which could provide: 

  • In-depth consultation and partnership with CLT team   
  • Supporting computing accessories and software
  • Student intern support
  • Supplemental compensation (up to $2,500, or approximately 3-credit course overload)   

The TLI Grant Partnership Program Process

Apply: Interested faculty should complete the two-step application process described below.

Analyze: CLT staff and grant recipients attend a Kick-off Meeting to explore the project details, identify possible approaches to meeting objectives, and to define the project's scope. The grant recipient is asked to sign a Memorandum of Understanding at this meeting.

Design & Develop: A CLT team member will act as the primary point of contact for each project and will coordinate the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of the awarded grant.

Review & Share: Grant recipients will share their experience with the campus community to promote and foster innovation in teaching and learning.

  • A 2-4 page report will be published on the CLT website as a resource for the campus community.
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  • Recipients will have opportunities to present completed projects at campus symposiums and special events.

Application Process

  1. Consult - As a first step, you must contact the Director of the Center for Learning & Teaching, Dr. Daonian Liu at DZL5300@psu.edu or (610) 396-6189 to schedule an exploratory meeting with one of our team members. During this consultation, you will be asked to share the details of your proposal and to elaborate upon responses to questions listed on our Grant Partnership Planning Sheet.
    Download Grant Planning Sheet 
  2. Apply - After your initial consultation, complete and submit your application to Dr. Liu's office by December 5, 2015. E-mail the Application Form (see link below) to DZL5300@psu.edu with the subject: TLI Grant Partnership Proposal.


The TLI Grant Partnership Program proposals will be evaluated by the TLI Advisory Board Committee on the following ten criteria:

  • Follows all application steps
  • Demonstrates high degree of innovation
  • Impacts a large number of students or multiple areas of a program
  • Targets teaching and learning challenges
  • Exhibits potential to improve student learning and/or retention   
  • Utilizes appropriate assessment methods
  • Replicates to other courses
  • Feasibility within limits of college's resources
  • Aligns with college's strategic plan

Project Timelines

TLI project design and development will typically begin the semester after the proposal is approved, with implementation beginning the following semester.

Application Form

Save your completed form as "YourName_TLIgrant" and e-mail it to Dr. Daonian Liu (DZL5300@psu.edu) or print and deliver to Daonian's office.

(To save, from your browser, click "File/Save As." Save the completed form to your computer as YourName_TLIgrant. Attach the document to an e-mail message.)

For additional information about the TLI Grant Partnership Program, contact Dr. Daonian Liu (DZL5300@psu.edu), ext. 6341.