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Idea of the Castle: Norway (English 297H)

Idea of the Castle: Norway March 6-12 


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Honors Program International Travel

Writing and Communicating Health in South Africa, Spring 2014 (CAS297H)

Passages: Ireland, 2013 (ENGL 300M)

Constructing Taiwan's Nature, 2012 (ENGL 297H)

Monsters of Venice, 2010-2011 (ENG 297H)

Barcelona: The Properties of Water, 2009-2010 (ENGL 297H)

Sintra: Idea of the Castle, 2008-2009 (ENGL 297H)

Shakespeare's Italy, 2007 (ENGL 296H & THEAARTS 296) - PDF

Andean Cultures: Past and Present, 2006 (SPAN 296H) - PDF

Writing in Thailand, 2004 (ENGL 496H) - PDF

Higher Education in London, 2003 (ENGL 1T, ENGL 30S, and ENGL 297H)

Gothic Ireland, 2003 (ENGL 403)

Spain, 2002 (CMLIT 106 - 2002)

Rome Italy, 2001 (ENGL 180H)

Rome Italy, 2001 (photos) (ENGL 180H)

Greece, 2000 (ENGL 30 - 2000)

Ireland, 2000 (CMLIT 106H - 2000)