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Undergraduate Journal 

Research Done in Partnership with an Organization and Accompanying Reflection

Research Project: Minneapolis Riverfront Vitality Indicators

Zachary Avre, Alexander Bentz, Andrew Feinberg, Hannah Fong, Eric Goldfischer, Talia

Groom, Carey Hert, Jesse Horwitz, Harry Kent, Agata Miszczyk, Renata Nelson, Daniel Otte,

Leah Plummer, Alex Schieferdecker, Anne Sombor, Macalester College

Reflection: “Lifeblood of Our City”: Reflections on Community Partnerships and Minneapolis Riverfront Vitality

Zack Avre, Macalester College

Research Project: PPT presentation: An Evaluation of the Chemtronics Superfund Site

Megan Brooks-Planck, Eden May, Michael Buttrick, Meng Yuan Li, Elizabeth Bonnell, Davis

Jones, Rebecca Johnson, and Stephanie Williams, Warren Wilson College

Reflection: Superfund and the Swannanoa Community

Megan Brooks-Planck, Warren Wilson College

Research Project: The Malaysian Police and Domestic Violence

Andie Tucker, Azusa Pacific University

Reflection: Lessons in Insignificance

Andie Tucker, Azusa Pacific University