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Upcoming Courses at Penn State Berks

Penn State Berks Course Offerings Spring 2014 with service learning and/or community-based research: 


CAS 222 (GS;US;IL) (CIVCM 211, YFE 211) Foundations: Civic and Community Engagement (3)  
This course provides an orientation to themes and issues in civic and community engagement. It explores the philosophical foundations of democracy, and invites students to reflect upon what it means to be a citizen.  It is an interdisciplinary course with a focus on the rhetorical practices needed to create and sustain a thriving community. In addition, students in this course will participate in a service-learning and/or a community-based research project with the Olivet Boys and Girls Club of Reading. 


AM ST 100 (GH;US) Introduction to American Studies (3)  
A study of selected attempts to identify and interpret movements and patterns in American culture. Includes community-based research (oral histories of local Vietnam War veterans)

AYFCE 297A Service Learning Scholars (1) 
This course combines theory and practice in service learning and community- based research to train students to be leaders in courses involving service learning or community-based research. Students will be assigned to a course involving service learning and community-based research and will be paid for this work. (Permission of instructor required-Dr. Laurie Grobman, leg8@psu.edu).

BI SC 003, sections 3, 4, and 5 (GN) Environmental Science (3)
Kinds of environments; past and present uses and abuses of natural resources; disposal of human wastes; prospects for the future. Students who have passed BIOL 220 or any other upper-level ecology course in biology may not schedule this course. (Includes Service learning/community-based research)

ECON 104H (GS) Honors Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy (3)  
National income measurement; aggregate economic models; money and income; policy problems. (Includes Service learning/community-based research)

ENGL 202H Honors Writing in the Humanities (GWS)  
Instruction in writing persuasive arguments about significant issues in the humanities. (A student may take only one course for credit from ENGL 202A, 202B, 202C, and 202D.) (Includes community-based research: researching and writing a history of the local Olivet Boys and Girls Club)  

ENGL 491 The Capstone Course in Professional Writing (3)  
This culminating course for Professional Writing majors concentrates on reflective analyses, design, and presentation of documents in the development of professional portfolios. (Includes community-based research: researching and writing a history of the local Olivet Boys and Girls Club). Limited to students in the professional writing major.