Course Syllabus - IST 240 Introduction to

Computer Languages

General Course Information

Department IST

Number 240

Title Introduction to Computer Languages

Credits 3

Description IST 240 is one of two courses added to the three core courses

for the associate degree program to form the core courses for

the baccalaureate degree program in Information Sciences

and Technology. The primary goal of this course is to study

the foundations underlying the design, specification and use

of a wide variety of language paradigms used to interact with

computers. The following details the content of the course: (1)

nature of languages; (2) elements of languages; (3)

classification of languages; (4) formal descriptions of

languages; (5) data and types; (6) names and bindings; (7)

control structures; (8) language processors; and (9) study


Student evaluation may be accomplished by means of

assignments, examinations, and possibly a project. This

course will most likely involve Web-based course material and

will therefore require student access to computers and the

Web. Although other existing courses are similar to IST 240 in

content, none of those courses fit the objective of this course

and of this program.

Prerequisite CMPSC 101

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